Welcome to Happy Social Dog

We offer Puppy Training, Dog Training and Social Programs. Located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, the outdoors is our playground!

Our goal is to help you and your dog have the relationship that you both deserve. Love and trust come easier for most dogs but respect, just as with humans, that we must earn. We want to help you strengthen your bond with your dog by teaching you how to set structure and routine in your home so that you may build a respectful relationship. Understanding your dog, how it learns, and how it speaks to you through its body language and behaviors will also help strengthen your bond.

We love helping puppies get a positive jump start on their path to adulthood. Our puppy programs start laying the foundation for just that. For younger puppies, along with standard training, we offer weekly, fun filled field trips around town to places they may experience as an adult dog. For our older puppies we focus on standard training; leash skills, setting routines and structure, as well as provide social experiences. All of our puppy programs focus on nurturing a calm mindset.

For any dog that has completed one of our training programs they are welcome to join our Leash Skills classes and our Social Outings. Leash Skills is great one hour class that helps to refine and polish their loose leash walking in a calm mindset. Social Outings put your dogs training to the test in places around around.

Set your dog up for success by allowing us to build your dogs foundation of balance and confidence.

Happy Social Dog is licensed, bonded, insured and First Aid/CPR certified.